NWA Health Summit 2024

Identifying and Addressing Barriers within Maternal Health

The 2024 NWA Health Summit focused on addressing maternal health issues in Arkansas, a state with the highest maternal mortality rate in the nation and significant maternal health care deserts. In addition to poor maternal health outcomes, a lack of investment in maternal health care has implications for the economy. Bad outcomes from pregnancies cost Arkansas an estimated $1.8 billion in 2020, according to a new report from Heartland Forward.

The summit featured a range of sessions and panels that delved into various aspects of maternal health, from legislative perspectives to workplace policies and the unique challenges faced by Black mothers. Other sessions included discussions on the economic benefits of investing in maternal health, the impact of doulas on maternal health care and strategies for improving maternal health equity. Heartland Forward’s report recommended addressing maternal health gaps by supporting community health care workers and expanding their presence in maternal health care – a theme that was reiterated by many of the presenters at the summit.

The summit aimed to bring together health care professionals, policymakers, and community leaders to identify and implement solutions for better maternal health outcomes. It offered a platform for sharing stories, discussing innovative programs and formulating actionable recommendations to improve the health of mothers and infants in Arkansas.

2024 Health Summit Recap Video

Panel Discussions

The Economic Case for Investing in Maternal Health
Medical Insights into Maternal Health: Briding Gaps for Improved Outcomes
Legislative Perspectives on Maternal Health: Navigating Policies for Improved Outcomes
Arkansas Maternal Health Steering Committee Panel

Event Organizers

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